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Rising obesity rates, coupled with a population of young adults who are the first generation in history expected to live shorter lifespans than their parents, means we must integrate a food based curriculum into our common core. This can be done by elevating food literacy to the same level of importance as we do for reading, math, and the sciences.


Edible Sac High provides students with a transformational experience by giving them the necessary skills, tools, and confidence to make intelligent choices about the food they choose to fuel their bodies, while simultaneously providing the opportunity for teens to develop real world business skills and acumen.

Project Progress


Garden Phase I


Garden Phase II


Kitchen Classroom


Student-run Cafeteria


It's Saturday night AND our website volunteers got our new site up and running! http://t.co/YjxNZsU610 Thanks @TheLizArmy & @roughani!
Chef @mulvaneyp has just released his menu april 23! Favas from the garden, dragon punch, delta asparagus! http://t.co/WDMS559USe
Still time to buy tixs for a special evening w/@AliceWaters, @KJ_MayorJohnson, @patrickmulvaney! http://t.co/0IGdEG1O9N

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